Start Up – Outsourced Fulfilment

You have set up an online business, your orders are steadily growing and your garage/back bedroom is overflowing with stock. You have to manage thinking about new product lines, the quality of the stock you are selling, your search engine optimisation and still find time to package the parcels and get to your local post office before the cut off time…. does this sound familiar?

As your business grows so does everything else, you are selling more stock which means you need to hold more stock therefore you need to consider more space. A bigger garage, a small storage unit or even your own warehouse, which will mean staff, heating, lighting, equipment all of this will detract from what you really want to do which is grow your business.

This is where Pack Smart can help, we will store your stock, download your daily orders from your sales channels, pick, pack and post your orders and manage your stock levels all at a fraction of the cost of your own warehouse. We have no minimum monthly requirements so we can help you with your fulfilment from day 1 or day 101 depending on how you want to run your business.

Call 01926 853190 or Email to find out how we can help you grow your business smartly.