Membership Management Systems

Membership Management Systems and Subscription Services offer a wide range of options that can be tailored to your particular organisation, club, society or association. Value added services such as Membership Packs adds an extra dimension and differentiates you in an ever increasingly competitive market.

Membership Management

Through extensive CRM experience and modern systems, knowing your members becomes easier and using this the personalised touch is just a few clicks away. Efficient management of your membership is critical in maintaining, growing and monetising your loyal fan base. Pack Smart can provide a range of solutions from software through to marketing. Personalised letters, membership cards, certificates and products are all possible.


Easily add the ability to buy, upgrade and renew memberships securely online not only via well established methods such as direct debit, credit and debit cards but also innovative solutions such as mobile and ewallets. Pack Smart Ltd can accept payments on your behalf or directly into your account, reconcile and provide accurate membership information.


Reduce the cost and administration of membership renewals. Proactively approach Members nearing their expiry date, offer incentives, opportunities to upgrade, early payment discounts – the possibilities are endless! Ensuring renewed member details are updated and information dispatched whilst establishing why members have not renewed adds to ensuring good conversion rates.

Card Printing

Pack Smart Ltd are able to provide personalised printing of membership cards including plastic ‘credit card style’ cards, inset cards and tags. Barcoding, magnetic strip encoding and chip encoding can be undertaken adding layers of security and information. Membership cards can be fully designed to your requirements and the level of personalisation is fully configurable.

Membership Packs

Add value and brand awareness to your membership schemes by offering Member Packs – from simple give-aways through to professionally styled packs with ranges of branded and targeted products. Loyalty Scheme Fulfilment working in a similar way can substantially increase renewal conversion rates. Pack Smart Ltd has a network of manufacturers and suppliers who can deliver almost every request!

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