Kitting and Assembly

Whether it’s promotional activity, membership gifts, exhibition packs or products that require assembly, deliver the component parts and let Pack Smart put it together for you.

Product Sourcing

Ensuring the right products are used for membership packs, giveaways or gifts is essential in building the brand image and value. All aspects of design, sourcing and storage are managed by Pack Smart ensuring timely availability for assembly. Pack Smart Ltd have extensive experience in sourcing components and products from around the World and are happy to work with you to select the most appropriate product(s) for the event or promotion in question.


Whether it’s a business launch, open day, training forum, new retail opening, festival or exhibition, giveaways are common place. Pack Smart can provide a varied level of support from managing the project as a whole or simply provide the fulfilment activity. With all components and products sourced and safely stored in our warehouses, Pack Smart Ltd are able to provide an assembly service based on agreed specifications to build packs or bags either as a project or on a call-off basis.


The design and production of not only the packaging to house the product(s) but also correct selection of the outer packaging to ensure safe delivery are aspects that Pack Smart Ltd can advise on and source as part of any project.

Storage and Fulfilment

Pack Smart Ltd has sufficient storage for the largest of projects and can store bulk stock as well as break down stock for use at the assembly line or pick face. Pack Smart Ltd’s fulfilment services can assemble in batch or on-request as required.


Pack Smart Ltd has arrangements with a number of postal and carrier partners which provide a wide range of services in terms of speed of delivery and traceability.

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