RDO Medical on the benefits of Outsourcing

Infrastructure needs to grow at least as quickly as your business does. Anticipating growth is hard enough but planning infrastructure expansion in line with that growth can be a really very challenging. 

Three years ago, instead of trying to crack that conundrum we decided to outsource instead.   Previously we viewed having an in-house mailroom as a great experience to understand another aspect of our business. Eventually we saw that developing it in line with our growth was quite simply a distraction.

Having met Seánna Holland through a local networking group we outsourced all of our warehousing and fulfilment duties to Packsmart. After an efficient onboarding process managed by  Nick Walker we turned our attentions to developing our business instead of managing a mailroom.

Our sales have grown 4-fold in these last 3 years although it’s difficult to know if it would have been so much had we not have outsourced. I can’t begin to imagine the challenges and distractions of increasing our mailroom and warehouse capacity incrementally at the same rate as our sales volume.

Lessons learned: Outsourcing any area of your business will grant you more freedom to focus on other priorities, but it’s always easier if you select the right partners.

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